the Golden thread of time

Book: The Golden Thread of Time

Author: Crichton E M Miller.
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The Golden Thread of Time
This book by Crichton E M Miller reveals that the Celtic Cross is a machine to measure the wheels and cycles of Nature and the Heavens with which our ancestors once kept Time and invented the zodiacs. Time keeping and prediction resulted from its use and a deep understanding of spiritual values forgotten in our modern world. Misinterpretation and sometimes deliberate obscurity and ignorance by religious and scientific authorities has led to a distorted view in the historical perspective of our ancient past.

To measure is to Rule just like the instrument you used at School, learn what the Rulers kept secret for 2 millennia and how they understood and measured Time.

Temple means place of Time, understand in the Last Times at the end of The Age of Pisces the enormous implications behind the meaning of the cross and its true capabilities.

The author Crichton E M Miller traces the wheel cross existence from Palaeolithic and Neolithic hunter gatherers to stone age seafarers and megalith builders who used this instrument in combination with zodiacs, henge's, pyramids and water clocks. Drawing on scientific, historical and archaeological information with appendices from leading scientists and researchers, the book traces the tragic occult history of the real cross from the burning of Alexandria through to its rediscovery 500 years later by the Knights Templars, resulting in excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church and eventual torture and destruction of the leaders.

The work goes on to reveal the meaning of the heretical carvings used by the Freemasons who constructed the Mediaeval Cathedrals and churches such as Roslyn Chapel under the noses of the Inquisition.
Dixon relics
Dixon Relics
This work reveals the remarkable qualities and capabilities of the wheel cross and Egyptian Cross which is still in the Great Pyramid of Khufu as well as its use to find longitude without a watch long before Harrison's Chronometer.

The work is illustrated, referenced and includes all patent drawings to allow the reader to experiment and research with one of the most secret and forbidden historical and spiritual artefacts to be discovered in modern times.
This is not another novel for the masses such as The Da Vinci Code, it is the real thing by the only man in the world that owns the patented rights to the working wheel cross and the answer to the mysteries of antiquity.


The Golden Thread of Time

Lost in the thread of time, an incredible discovery has emerged from the dust of ages...
The seal is broken. Within these pages you will find the hoary, forgotten knowledge of the greatest Magicians that ever walked our planet.
Author reviews

Stellar Trailblazer, February 12, 2007
Reviewer: Professor Perry
Leaves the pack of speculative ancient history works in the dust. Reveals how prehistoric global navigation was possible by means of primitive yet precise astronomical instruments. How archaeoastronomical sites (cosmic clocks), like Stonehenge and the Pyramids, were part of a universal time-keeping network. How lost ancient knowledge probably begat modern religious systems. Religious symbols (Christian & Celtic crosses) look remarkably similar to scientific instruments (Mariner's Astrolabe & astronomer's Cross-staff). In other words, studying the stars most likely
degenerated into worshipping the heavens.

Reviewer: Phillip Gardiner. Author The Shining Ones, The Serpent and the Grail.
I would just like to say that Crichton Miller has written an outstanding book called The Golden Thread of Time, which seems to have been passed by yet again. The whole world of archaeologists, historians and scientists seem to be ignoring a major discovery that Crichton has himself stumbled upon and reveals in his book. I strongly urge you all to buy this book, it will make you sit up and think (and yes, I know, you are already!!). Even Robert Bauval said it was an "ingenious discovery", so go and support Crichton

Reviewer: Harald S. Boehlke. Author Det Norske Pentagram.
The ancient secrets of navigation are rediscovered. "The Golden Thread of Time" by Crichton E. M. Miller, is stunning reading. "The Golden Thread of Time" is an invaluable service to humanity, and a tribute to the Celts and other ancient peoples navigational abilities.

Reviewer: Robert Bauval. Author The Orion Mystery.
"An Ingenious Discovery"

Reviewer: Jim Bowles. Author The gods, Gemini and the great pyramid.
"Crichton has debunked the pre Columbian myth"

Reviewer: Coventry Evening Telegraph.
"Crichton has discovered how the pyramids were built"
Readers lettersbrown_line

I purchased and read your book. Thank-you for helping to re-enlighten the world. It is a well known archaeological fact that the Vikings were in Newfoundland around 1000 AD. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada which also has evidence of early trans-Atlantic voyages. Here is a link to a Nova Scotia petroglyphs which was etched by the indigenous Mi'kmaw or by other visitors/settlers.
Note what appears to be a fixed scale on the cross. You may want to post this image and its source on your web site. Keep up the great work.

Cheers, Dan Pittmanbrown_line

Dear Sir, I have found your work a revelation.
I am sure you must of heard of the Antikithera Mechanism of ancient Greece 80 BC. The gear work and the Theories of its' function seem clearly related and it may have a strong correlation to your work. This communication is only to bring this information to your attention if you are not aware of its existence as I was unfortunately not aware of your work until last week. but have known about the Antikithera Mechanism for several Years.

Steven J. Campbell
Athens, Greece brown_line

Hello, Just read your excellent book. Blake's timeless question 'Why was I born with a different face' adds emphasis. Christ's statement 'He who has seen Me has seen the Father' gives clarity. The apprentice pillar resembles a strand of DNA. Coincidence? Little doubt our ancestors accessed wisdom and knowledge we barely understand, but their mission statement was clear 'We are all one'. and your book goes a long way in giving that view a better understanding.

Sincerely David Stothard. brown_line

Letters to the Publisher
The following are comments received by the publisher from readers of "The Golden Thread of Time"

I have just finished reading "The Golden Thread of Time" and find it to be a stunner! If nothing else, it is a superb manual on how to restart "civilization" after a collapse. Of course, it is much more than that. I have ordered two more copies (so far) to be sent to friends of mine here in the US. Because of the "technical" data contained in "The Golden Thread . . . ", and in view of what the times may be or become, I think it is important to get that book as widely distributed across the globe as is possible and as quickly as possible. You have performed an invaluable service to humanity by writing and publishing "The Golden Thread of Time", not to mention getting more credit for the Celts, who, IMHO,
deserve all we can get. We have contributed a lot to the world, more good than bad, I think.

Best wishes,
Omaha, NE USA brown_line

Subject: Eureka!!!
Date: 11 May 2002 11:20
thank you, S brown_line

I just wanted to say, What a Great Book!,
The Golden Thread of Time was the most enlightening Book I have ever read!, please thanks Mr. Miller for his divine inspiration and his courage to share his enlightenment with the rest of us. I read the book from front to back, I just could not put it down, now I am enlightened as well.

Thanks Again
Mr K
Maryland USA brown_line

The undeniable truth , I didn't need to even read a thing , one look was enough . I have worked as a trained monkey for surveyors and builders using laser and dumpy levels , this thing didn't give me any of the excitement I usually experience when something like this is discovered ( or rediscovered ) . The feeling was not even one of surprise, more like it is THE tool for the job nothing more, just unveiled once again ! Simplicity is beauty.

Regards J K brown_line